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Integrated Pest Management

There is an exterminator on site every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from about 8:30 a.m. until about 2:00 p.m. Pest control work orders are attended to in roughly the order in which they are submitted, but more urgent calls may be given a higher priority. Additionally, issues in student rooms are given a higher priority than issues in public areas.

While work orders for issues concerning bugs, insects, rodents, or other unwanted pests can be submitted through FIXIT or the SBU 311 app, it is recommended that these issues are either called into the emergency dispatch number, (631) 632-9585, or reported to your Quad Office, particularly when the exterminator is on site, in order to ensure that your issue is taken care of at the earliest possibility.

For more information about the steps you can take to avoid attracting pests, as well as further information about the specific types of pests you may encounter and the protocols in place, click here.


Bed Bug Protocol

If you suspect that your room may have bed bugs, you should report this to your Quad Office, or call the emergency dispatch desk at (631) 632-9585. Once the exterminator confirms the presence of bed bugs in your room, Campus Residences staff will coordinate a response with you and a pest control technician. You will have an amount credited to your account large enough to clean all of your clothing and bedding, and then the issue will be taken care of as follows:

Student Responsibilities

  1. Remove all clothing items from affected room, including items stored in boxes, closets, suitcases, and in bags. Launder and dry clean items as normal immediately.
  2. Remove all bedding (sheets, pillow and pillow cases, blankets, etc.) place in plastic bag and launder immediately.
  3. Remove any clutter that may provide nesting sites for these pests such as piles of papers and books, etc. Discard any unneeded items in the exterior dumpsters. Clean any items you need to keep.

Pest Control Technician Responsibilities

  1. With the above tasks complete, the technician can perform a detailed inspection of the mattress and bed frame and other nesting sites in the area.
  2. The technician may decide to use a special vacuum cleaner equipped with a HEPA filter to physically remove and visible beg bugs. He may then apply a pesticide into cracks and crevices where the pests are known to nest.
  3. The mattress and the bed frame may be vacuumed and treated with a pesticide. (Depending on the intensity of the infestation the resident may be asked to leave the room for 24 hours post treatment.) Or, the mattress may be replaced by Campus Residences.
  4. In most cases, sequential follow-up treatments may be required because every single bed bug may not be found and treated during the initial visit.
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