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Mailroom Services

There are four different mailrooms located on campus. You can go to one of these mailrooms to send mail or to retrieve any packages which are too large to fit in your normal mailbox. The three different mailrooms are as follows:

  • Irving Mailroom: Located in Irving College in Mendelsohn Quad.
    This mailroom serves both H-Quad and Mendelsohn Quad.

  • Wagner Mailroom: Located in Wagner College in Roosevelt Quad.
    This mailroom serves Kelly, Roosevelt, Schomburg, and West Apartments.

  • Gershwin Mailroom: Located in Gershwin College in Roth Quad.
    This mailroom serves Roth and Tabler Quads.

  • Chapin Mailroom: Located in Chapin Commons in the Chapin Apartment Complex.
    This mailroom serves Chapin Apartments.

For more information about the mailrooms, click here.

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