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Upon first moving into your room, you will fill out a room condition report, in which you will note the status of each piece of furniture and appliance that is included in your room, as well as the condition of the room itself.

As a minimum, except in the case of over-assignment, each resident will be provided with a bed, a desk, a light source, a dresser, and a closet or a wardrobe cabinet. Depending on where on campus you are living, you may have additional furniture or appliances. All such equipment will be clean, sturdy, and free from major scarring, and of acceptable appearance. If you believe that you are either missing furniture or an appliance, or if there is a problem with any of the furniture that you have been provided with, you should contact either your RA, your RHD, or your quad office, and they will be able to follow up to make sure that you are provided with the proper furniture.

Upon moving out, you should empty your room of all possessions which were not included in the room when you first moved in. You should also unplug any appliances or electrical equipment. At this time, your room will also be assessed in order to make sure that everything is still in the condition it was in when you first moved in. You will not be billed for anything which has had its condition deteriorate due to normal usage, but you will be billed for anything that is damaged as the result of either negligence or vandalism.

For more information about the room assessment process, click here. To see the damage billing rates, click here.

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