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Service Interruptions

Occasionally, it may be necessary to shut down one or more of the utilities for a building or area. These service interruptions are done in order to either make repairs or perform renovations. When possible, we try to notify residents at least 24 hours in advance so that they can plan their schedules around when the shutdown will take place. Unfortunately, when a repair is particularly urgent, it may be necessary to shut down a utility without advance notice.

To the extent possible, major rehabilitation or other capital projects will take place at times when residents are not in occupancy. Major construction projects that are disruptive to ongoing programs will not continue during scheduled examination periods. If this is impossible, arrangements will be made to house residents elsewhere.

We apologize for any inconveniences caused by our shutdowns. The shutdowns typically only last a few hours, but may last longer depending on the scope of the job. The facilities which may be shut down include heating, hot water, both hot and cold water, and electricity.

If you ever experience the loss of heating, hot water, both hot and cold water, or electricity, and you have not been notified of a shutdown for your area, you should report this problem to your quad office or Campus residences emergency dispatch, who will be able to either inform you if there is a shutdown in your area or have our staff fix the issue for you.

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