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The staggered 12 year 6 year Renovation Cycle will assist us in keeping up with the maintenance requirements of our buildings.

The areas included in the Renovation Cycle are as follows:

  1. H Quad
  2. Mendelsohn Quad
  3. Roth Quad
  4. Tabler Quad
  5. Roosevelt Quad
  6. Kelly Quad
  7. West Apartments Phase 1 (buildings A-D)
  8. West Apartments Phase 2 (buildings E-I)
  9. Schomburg Apartments
  10. Chapin Apartments
  11. Nobel Halls
  12. Special Area (special areas or projects, wildcard, dining halls, undergraduate colleges, etc.)

The 6 year renovation cycle is focused on completing various cosmetic repairs in the residence halls including painting, fixing doors and windows, and repairing light fixtures. Up until recently we had focused on mainly a 12 year renovation cycle in which we attempted to do cosmetic renovations as well as major renovations that could only be completed during summer months when buildings were unoccupied.

By implementing 6 year 12 year renovation cycle in which we complete mainly cosmetic repairs staggered with the 12 year major summer renovations we are able to accomplish more of the cosmetic (6 year work) in more of our areas. Thus, we can keep up with existing needs of our buildings.

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