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What To Know

Please take note of the following information regarding maintenance work:

  • Damage billing will be necessary for items which are not the result of normal usage. Damage, repair or replacement of university property that has necessitated by deliberate acts of destruction, negligence or theft will result in damage charges. For a full explanation of the damage billing process, click here. For a list of the damage rates, click here.
  • Residents may not refuse access to maintenance or professional staff members in exercising their assigned responsibilities. The University will provide a minimum of 24 hours notice in advance of entering a student’s room, suite or apartment in order to complete routine administrative processes. However, during emergencies or when responding to maintenance or custodial related issues staff may enter residential areas without having provided minimum notice to the occupants.
  • Standard operating procedures are to sign out individual keys for each room or suite that require service.  Staff completing work orders or cleaning suites must sign out keys at the respective Quad Office.  Staff cannot attempt to enter a room/suite without signing out a key at the Quad Office.
  • Staff may key into a room for emergencies, fire, health and safety inspections, wellness checks, and to follow up on maintenance concerns.  Staff must knock on the door at least three times and announce their title when knocking on the door.  Lastly, before keying in, staff need to state loudly “STAFF KEYING IN”.  To manage liability staff should always be in pairs when keying into a student room.
  • When buildings are occupied by students, contractors must be escorted by Campus Residences staff and cannot be issued keys.  When buildings are not occupied contractors must have “supervised access” to keys.  Supervised access is defined as a staff member is on site, but not escorting the contractor.
  • In order for a maintenance or custodial issue to be addressed by staff, personal items must be cleared from the area in question so that staff can access the issue. Staff are permitted to move furniture provided by the university, but are not permitted to move personal items brought by students.
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