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Professional Development Opportunities

Thursday mornings are staple for professional development within Residential Programs. Sessions include presentations surrounding NASPA & ACPA competencies, special seminars, and workshops on topics geared towards departmental initiatives. Thursday morning departmental meetings also include time to hear from the Director, senior leadership, committee announcements, and discussion for any ongoing issues that may affect the entire campus or division.

Professional Staff members also have the opportunity to present at national, regional, or local conference, including the annual RA Conference organized by the department for over 20 years.

Professional Staff members at Stony Brook University have access to campus wide, regional and national professional development opportunities. Listed below are just some of the many ways our staff can develop professionally.


All Professional Staff members have the opportunity to participate in at least one departmental committee or functional area. Each of these areas/committees are responsible for critical functions of the Department of Residential Programs. Committees change to reflect current initiatives and to meet evolving student needs. Examples of recent committees topics include: Administrative Services, Assessment, Civic Engagement, Community Engagement & Academic Initiatives, Community Standards, Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives, Professional Development, Professional Staff Recruitment & Selection, Recognition & Appreciation, Student Staff Recruitment & Selection and Student Staff Training & Development.


All Professional Staff members are given the opportunity to request funding to attend Student Affairs conferences. It is their choice to use those funds for local, regional or national conferences. Listed below are conferences professional staff have recently attended:

Host: Stony Brook RA Conference RA Conference Committee
Local: Long Island Council of Student Affairs Professionals (LICSPA), NYU Student Affairs Conference 
Regional: The Northeast Association of College and University Housing Officers (NEACUHO), NASPA Region IICSPA 

Professional Staff members are strongly encouraged to submit a program proposal to present at local, regional and national Student Affairs conferences. If their program proposal is accepted, those RHDs are eligible for additional funding.

Continuing Education

Stony Brook University staff members are eligible for tuition reimbursement. Some staff members pursue an advanced graduate certificate in Higher Education Administration which allows the opportunity to connect theory with practice.

Higher Education Administration Program


In addition to advising the building’s hall council, professional staff frequently serve as the advisors for various on-campus clubs and organizations. Current examples include:ASBO

  • Residence Hall Association
  • National Residence Hall Honorary
  • Happiness Club
  • Student African American Sisterhood (SAAS)
  • Student African American Brotherhood (SAAB)
  • Stony Brook Super Smash Brothers
  • Capoeira 
  • Alternative Spring Break Outreach
  • African Student Union
  • Pi Kappa Phi
  • Circle K
  • Special Olympics 
  • Dodgeball Club 
  • Alpha Kappa Delta Phi
  • National Panhellenic Conference - consisting of Theta Phi Alpha, Sigma Delta Tau and Alpha Sigma Alpha


Professional staff are encouraged to attend on-campus workshops to further their knowledge on a variety of topics. Previous topics have included:

Past & Present Workshops:

  • Safe Space/Ally Training Workshops
  • Green Dot Training
  • Red Watch Band

Certificate Programs:

  • Academic and Pre-Professional Advising


  • Gender Expansive Hosuing Practices 
  • Inside Higher Education Webinar on Student Success
  • Service Animals, Comfort Animals and your University's Legal Obligations to Accommodate
  • Addressing Student Resistance to Social Justice Learning
  • Support Your Muslim Students: Address Islamophobia, Create Safe Spaces & Manage Incidents Appropriately
  • Title IX/LGBTQ+ 
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