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Professional Staff Testimonials

Jamie Kieltyka Jamie Kieltyka
2nd Year Residence Hall Director
Stony Brook University

Hi!  My name is Jamie and I hail from the Chicago area.  This is my first year as a Residence Hall Director at Stony Brook. When I was going through my job search process after grad school, I was looking for a position where I would be able to grow and develop as a new professional. After speaking with some of the current RHDs, I learned that professional development was very important here. I have had so many opportunities already to explore my interests and work on projects. The professionals here really challenge you to get out of your comfort zone while also providing the necessary support. It's also important to me to have the opportunity to be social outside of work. There's so much to do in and around Stony Brook and we're only a train ride away from New York City, so the opportunities for fun are everywhere.

Savonne Crews Savonne Crews
3rd Year Residence Hall Director 
Stony Brook University

Hello! I am a second year Residence Hall Director at Stony Brook University and thus far my experience has been all that I have hoped it to be. I completed my Master’s degree at SUNY Buffalo State and I chose Stony Brook because of its focus on professional development. I truly appreciate the department’s pledge to developing it’s professionals for the next step.  The Residential Programs Department upholds its commitment to putting student’s first and creating an environment for professional staff to grow and develop. I work in a unique living community which is substance-free. I have had the opportunity to not only teach a required first year seminar but also a Resident Assistant course and a 400-level Diversity Peer Educator course. Aside from the progression I am experiencing work-wise, I love that our department operates like a family and works hard to provide a work-life balance for its professionals. 

Kevin Fleming Testimonial Kevin Fleming
2nd Year Apartment Living Coordinator
Stony Brook University

Hey there I'm Kevin, a first year Apartment Living Coordinator in Chapin.  Coming to Stony Brook was a lateral move as I had been a Resident Director for three years in upstate New York.   I was concerned there wouldn't be opportunities for growth, but I was surprised to find myself immersed in a fast-paced and changing environment that allowed for autonomy. The Department of Residential Programs is very large, but not so large that you miss the human scale. There is significant focus on an individual level and the work we do for our students reflects that. The potential here is incredible; there are many different offices and people you can connect with to create ideas and start initiatives. The decision to move downstate opened up more doors for me than I expected. I am happy to be a part of Residential Programs and Stony Brook's community as a whole!

Kristin Marsicovetere

Kristin Marsicovetere 
4th Year Apartment Living Coordinator
Stony Brook University

“I enjoy the opportunities to engage in meaningful dialogue and reflection with a large staff of upperclass students.” 

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