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Ieisha Hinson
Area Assistant

As the Assistant to the Assistant Director of Apartment Living in Schomburg and West Apartments, I get to assist in many aspects in the Schomburg/West Apartments area. Although I have an engineering background, I am gaining organizational, planning, and professional development skills that are transferable to any career I choose!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      


Melissa Abraham
Student Life Assistant

The Student Life position has taught me a lot about how much goes on "behind the scenes" at res life. It has given me an opportunity to learn more about the community, how to thrive in teams and how to balance my work and school load. All of which I can use in any future career!  


Jesse John

Jesse John
Quad Assistant

The Quad assistant role in Campus Residences has enriched my graduate experience by allowing me to connect to the Stony Brook Community in several ways. As a member of the Civic Engagement committee we were able to raise over $50,000 to support local charities. I was also able to contribute to the founding of the SBU Food Pantry which has served undergraduate and graduate students, faculty and staff members in their greatest times of need. This position provides a plethora of professional development opportunities and serves as a great incubator for graduate students to develop socially and academically.


Steven  Adelson
Former Apartment Living Assistant 

In my role as an Apartment Living Assistant, I provide direct supervision and support to our Resident Assistants, assist with resolving students inquiries, and contributing to community development efforts. I truly enjoy that I am entrusted with a significant amount of autonomy to navigate my professional development, and I know that my supervisor will always be there for guidance and support if needed. Through my role as an Apartment Living Assistant, I have learned how to be an effective supervisor, how to support a diverse community of students, and how to be the best person who I can be.


 MaKaila Knight-Adler
Quad Assistant

I applied to this position because I wanted to challenge the leadership and administrative skills I had acquired as a Resident Assistant, while seeing the student development theories I am learning in practice. So far, I have learned how to better integrate myself into a new team, manage multiple projects at once, and teach/advise undergraduate students. Through my job, I have gotten to know and work with several full-time staff members, which has only helped my professional development.



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