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There are two different types of RA positions you can apply for:Undergraduate Colleges Resident Assistants and Apartment Living Resident Assistants for the Apartments. To learn more about the Apartment Living Resident Assistant position click here

Undergraduate Colleges resident assistants: Undergraduate Colleges resident assistants work in one of the 6 Undergraduate College Quads

Kelly Quad: The Undergraduate College of Human Development
Roosevelt Quad: The Undergraduate College of Global Studies
H Quad: The Undergraduate College of Leadership and Service
Mendelsohn Quad: The Undergraduate College of Information Technology and Studies
Roth Quad: The Undergraduate College of Science and Society
Tabler Quad: The Undergraduate College of Arts, Culture, and Humanities

Undergraduate Colleges RA Qualifications

  • Cumulative and semester GPA of 2.5 or greater
  • Good academic standing
  • Good disciplinary standing since Fall 2015
  • Full time student (12 credits)


Undergraduate Colleges RA Application Process

To apply to be an RA you must attend a Mandatory Information Session. At this information session presenters will go over the position, its requirements, and answer any questions the audience has. After you attend this session you will receive an invitation to apply. Click here to find an information session that works for you


All applicants for the Undergraduate Colleges Resident Assistant position must submit:

A resume

2 References

1 Reference from a professional staff, faculty member, or former employer

1 Reference from a RA

Choose someone who can vouch for the following: Professionalism, Leadership Skills, & Interpersonal Skills

If you have questions email us at

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