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In order to apply to be a Welcome Wagon Volunteer, you must meet the minimum application requirements and agree to fulfill the volunteering expectations.


  • Students MUST be a resident registered for on campus housing for the Fall 2017 semester.
  • Students MUST be enrolled and registered as a full time student.
  • Students MUST have a clear judicial record. 
    (Students found responsible for two or more Level I infractions and/or disciplinary hearings, or, any resident found responsible for one or more Level II or III infractions will immediately become ineligible to participate in Welcome Wagon.)
  • To be eligible to participate as a Quad Coordinator, applicants must have participated in Welcome Wagon for 1 year.
  • Please be advised that you may or may not be assigned to the building or Quad in which you live.


Welcome Wagon Volunteer Expectations:

Once accepted into the program, volunteers must complete the following duties:

  • Students MUST BE AVAILABLE to move into their Fall 2017 Residential Space on Wednesday 8/23/17 between 8:30am - 5pm. Check In will be conducted through the Student's Area/Quad Office.
    • Students MUST BE AVAILABLE on 8/24/17 1pm - 5pm for Welcome Wagon training. 
      (Specific information will be shared throughout the summer.)
    • Students MUST BE AVAILABLE to assist with Check-In day- Friday, 8/25/17. 
      (Volunteer opportunity is only available on the New Student Check-In day)
  • Assist new students with the move-in process, including but not limited to the following:
    • Physically unload vehicles and help carry students' personal belongings to their rooms.
    • Serve as a resource for new students and their families, answering questions and giving directions.
    • Assist with the cleanup of your designated building/area after check-in is completed
  • Volunteers MUST wear their provided t-shirt and name tag during volunteer assignments.


Quad Coordinator Expectations:

If you are accepted into the Quad Coordinator position, you must complete the following duties:

    • Attend and assist with the training of the Welcome Wagon Volunteers on 8/24/17
  • Be Responsible for the general organization of an area/quad with direction from Professional staff.
  • Implement problem solving strategies.
  • Exceptional communication skills to speak on walkie talkie with Welcome Wagon Director regarding:
  1. Ensuring bottled water is available
  2. Automobile/traffic control and monitoring
  3. Student and pedestrian traffic control and monitoring for safety awareness
  4. Emergency response (fire alarm, window breaks, health issues)
  5. Sufficient volunteer coverage per building
  6. Volunteer Attendance for Quad/Area
  7. Parent issues
  8. Facility and hand truck issues (breakage, amount of available hand trucks)
  9. Campus Resource Information


Note: Accepted volunteers must attend all training sessions and complete all duties. Failure to do so will result in denied permission for early check-in to Residence Hall, as well as denied permission to participate as a Welcome Wagon Volunteer, and/or billing for early access **.

**There is a fee associated with early move-in that applies to returning residents checking in to their housing assignment prior to the scheduled returning student check- in day (Sunday, 08/27/17, 10am-6pm). Fee is waived only for approved welcome wagon volunteers.

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