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Bike Registration  

Current Residents are eligible to register their bikes! If your bike is lost or stolen and is later recovered by UPD, the only way they’ll be able to get it back to you is if they have some kind of record that connects you to the bike. That’s where registration comes in.


Why should you register your bike?

  • It’s completely FREE
  • Provides a record of ownership
  • Aids authorities in locating the owner of a stolen bike


Complete and submit the online Bike Registration Form! Then visit the Campus Residences Office located in Mendelsohn Quad between Irving and O'Neill where a Risk assistant will inspect your bike and affix a sticker to the frame that corresponds to your registration info in the database. 

Bike Reg


You can also ask your RA/RHD to inquire when a Bike Registration Program will be held in your building.


Who should you contact if your bicycle has gone missing from a bike rack in a residential area?

  • If you left your bicycle in a residential area, authorized (i.e. bike rack, bike storage room, etc.) or unauthorized area (i.e. light pole, railing, etc.), during the summer, your bicycle may have been clipped and taken by Residential Risk Management staff and is now in a container for storage. If you want to retrieve your bicycle, contact the department of Residential Risk Management by phone: (631) 632-9003 and through email:

  • A meeting time may be arranged for you to reclaim your bicycle between 9:00 am and 4:00 pm Monday - Friday. In addition to reclaiming your bicycle, you must register your bicycle through the Bike Registration program, so that we may return your bicycle to you more efficiently in the future.


In addition, please make sure to bring your bike home with you during the winter and summer breaks. Unregistered/Abandoned bikes are removed from unoccupied Quads during Summer Break. Please note, bikes that are left in illegal areas will be clipped year round.

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