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Freshman and Sophomore Parking Permit Petition Form 

Permit Petitions are only avaiable from August-May of the academic year. 

Do NOT email petitions.  

If you have any further questions email:
or call: (631) 632-9003


Eligible students must show proof of off-campus employment.

Parking petition requests for medical reasoning can be obtained through Stony Brook Health Services. For more information, call: (631) 632-6740.

Please ONLY submit completed and notarized applications.

Submitting misleading or false information about employment will result in a judicial referral to University Community Standards. According to the Stony Brook Parking Regulations, Freshman and Sophomore students are not eligible to register their motor vehicles for the resident lots. Only Freshman or Sophomore students who need a car for off-campus employment or an off-campus internship will be considered to receive a parking permit and may request one by filling out a parking petition.  You may park in South P lot until you are able to submit a residential petition. The South P Lot is located along the South Drive across from Child Care Center. You should not park in a Residential lot until you have a Resident permit on your vehicle. Students are obligated to pay all parking fines incurred and should not assume a favorable decision.


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