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Campus Safety

Living on campus is like living in a city comprised of about 25,000 residential and commuter students, employed faculty and staff as well as community members who utilize the services provided by the University everyday. As in any community, it is important for all of us to remember that safety and security is everyone’s responsibility. There are things you can do to stay safe on campus:

  • Use your access card to enter your residence hall. Don’t prop exterior doors, which can provide access to unwanted individuals.
  • Keep your bedroom, suite or apartment door locked at all times even while you’re home or when you leave your room for a short time.
  • Lock ground floor windows.
  • Don’t walk alone at night. Walk in groups, use the bus service or call the Residential Safety Program (632-WALK) for an escorted walk to any destination on campus.
  • Be alert and report something unusual to University Police by calling 333 from any campus phone or 631-632-3333 from any phone. For more information about safety on campus, visit our Campus Safety Page.

The Residential Safety Program (RSP):
The mission of the Residential Safety Program at Stony Brook University is to promote safety in our community by providing various services to enhance the safety experience as well as educate residents and the university community about their responsibility in our community as a whole. The program:

  • works with University Police, students and staff to ensure a safe environment;
  • has implemented the Walk Service Program, to escort students around the campus at night;
  • provides Building Monitors, who sit in each resident hall to check the ID of all visitors nightly.

For a free escort, dial 2-WALK(9255) from any campus phone. Or dial 631-632-WALK.

Other Safety Measures at SBU:


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