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Crimes of Opportunity

Students often contribute to crimes of opportunity by needlessly placing themselves or their property at risk. Simple acts of prevention can reduce the opportunity for criminal activity:

  • Keep your room locked at all times.
  • Do not prop open residence hall doors.
  • Do not leave personal property unattended.
  • Report suspicious individuals to police.
  • At night, always walk in groups of at least two.
  • Stay on main walkways.
  • Become familiar with locations of emergency phones.
  • Remove valuables from your car and lock it.
  • Engrave your valuables.
  • Attend college-sponsored programs on self-defense.
  • Always carry your college identification card.
  • Be aware of your surroundings and what is going on around you.

If you assume responsibility for your own safety first and encourage others to do the same, the opportunities for crime are drastically reduced.


Downloading a program on your laptop or phone that can track it in case it is stolen can be an excellent safety precaution.  For more information please visit prey.

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