Welcome to RHD Recruitment

Dear Potential Candidate,

On behalf of Residential Programs at Stony Brook University, we are thrilled you would like to learn more about our Residence Hall Director position. At Stony Brook University, we'll help you unleash your potential by providing experiences and opportunities that focus on our commitment to student learning as well as prepare you for your professional future. We're seeking dedicated professionals who will take a great sense of pride in being part of a nationally-recognized team, the drive to incorporate student learning outcomes all programming, and the ability to help make our departmental vision and goals a reality.

In addition to promoting student learning and development in the residence halls, Stony Brook RHDs teach classes, create and deliver professional presentations, and participate on working committees. Specific assignments take into consideration an employee’s top 5 talents, as assessed through the StrengthsQuest Inventory. We do all of this while striving to promote our Educational Priorities within the framework of our Core Values.

Many candidates tell us that Stony Brook University offers the potential for far more than a traditional RHD experience. We hope you will agree.

Thank you for taking the time to learn a little more about our program.

Dr. Laura Valente
Dean of Residential Education
Director of Residential Programs

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