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Stony Brook University has over 425 recognized student clubs and organizations!


The 2017-2018 Event Request Form is now available. You can find the form on SBLife under Campus Links!

It's time to re-register your club for the 2017-2018 academic year!

The 2017-2018 re-registration process is officially underway! This is REQUIRED for all existing organizations from the 2016-2017 academic year that wish to be recognized by Student Engagement and Activities AS WELL AS clubs that successfully completed the new club process in Spring 2017.

 ALL parts of this form must be filled out in full for your submission to be processed. If you do not require block booking/re-registration, you may leave these fields blank. 

 N/A is not a valid response unless otherwise instructed. Missing or inaccurate informatioMAY result in a denied request, and require you to resubmit your entire form. Only the most recent submission will be considered.

The components of the re-registration process include:
1) Club/E-board Contact Information: This is information regarding your club/officers for the upcoming academic year. All listed e-board members should be CURRENT.
2) E-board Check: All e-board members are held to minimum cumulative GPA requirements (undergraduate club: 2.0; graduate club: 3.0; fraternity/sorority: 2.5). Any submission whose e-board members does not pass this check will be denied. The club must then find an alternative person to hold the position in question and resubmit their re-registration form IN FULL. Also, students may not be an e-board member for more than one funded organization. 
3) Faculty/Staff Advisor Information: This is your FACULTY/STAFF advisor, NOT a peer program advisor through Student Engagement. Faculty/staff advisors are expected to oversee and mentor clubs; peer program advisors are the students working in the office of Student Engagement assisting you with your program planning. You will be expected to formally ask them commit to this role (more information will be sent out at a later date)so please ensure your advisor is willing to serve BEFORE listing them. This person must be a full time faculty or staff member at Stony Brook University.
4) Block Booking: This is for your 50-minute, weekly/biweekly/monthly club meetings. You MUST submit DIFFERENT preferences for the day and time of your meetings or your request MAY be denied due to lack of availability to accommodate your request.
5) Pre-Scheduled Events: You are allowed to pre-schedule 3 events per semester. You MUST submit DIFFERENT preferences for the day and time of your events or your request MAY be denied due to lack of availability to accommodate your request . NOTE: In order to simplify and expedite the pre-scheduling process, pre-scheduling will occur in two waves. Which wave you fall into is dependent upon on what date you submit your form. The first wave of pre-scheduling closes July 1. If you do not submit your request by this time, your request will be processed in the second wave. This second wave closes August 1. No pre-scheduled events will be accepted after August 1Therefore, it benefits your club to submit early enough to fall into the first wave.
6) Involvement Fair: This is whether or not your club would like to have a table at the Fall Involvement Fairs. Only clubs that have completed the re-registration process will be allowed a table. Specifics regarding the Involvement Fairs will be sent out in August.

This form closes on August 9th. No club will be considered for re-registration after this date. Upon completion of this process, your club will be returned to active status on SBlife and receive a summary of your pre-scheduled events and block booking times.
Please understand this is a PROCESS with several time-consuming steps. If you are interested in knowing the status of your re-registration, you may refer to the progress document (linked below). This is a live-update form and always has the most up-to-date information regarding your re-registration status.
To view your club's progress, please refer to this link: 
Here is the link to the Re-Registration Form:

*****If you are no longer an e-board member for your club, please do NOT fill out this form. A CURRENT member must submit this form, as it will be referred to throughout the upcoming year. Please forward this email to the necessary parties if applicable. In order to submit this form, you must be logged in with your Stony Brook email address.*******

Best of luck!!! If you have any additional questions, please email us at


Being an Active Member of the Community:

Exploring the local areaplanning activities and/or living off campus provides you with a wide variety of opportunities to be engaged members of the surrounding communities.  The Statement of Community and the Community Pledge help us to articulate our collective vision and values and we ask that you remember your actions represent you, the organizations you are affiliated with and the university as a whole.  

For all other inquiries, please contact the Office of Student Involvement and Organizations at 631-632-9392, email us at or visit our office in the Student Activities Center Room 218.


Title IX prohibits sex discrimination in all forms, including sexual violence and/or harassment.
Contact Marjolie Leonard, Director For Title IX and Risk Management, Office of the President, 310 Administration Building, at 632-6280
or see for more information and/or to report an incident.