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Leadership Development Resources

The Office of Student Engagement & Activities is committed to providing professional and personal development opportunities for our students, clubs and organizations. While we host a variety of workshops throughout the year, we hope to build a database of online resources for our students that they can reference at any time.


Club Manual

Individual Development

Conflict Resolution:

Sometimes difficult conversations need to be had when working with others. This guideline will help you better navigate those uncomfortable yet much needed conversations.

Link to the Conflict Resolution Document

Public Speaking:

Learn the top 10 ways to improve your public speaking! This is an essential life skill. Whether you feel you are inexperienced or just want to brush up on your skills as a pro, this PowerPoint presentation is a great tool!

Link to the Public Speaking 101 Document

Heard of the term "mentor", but not quite sure what that means? This document will give you an understanding of mentorship, how it can be beneficial to you, and how to get one!

Link to Mentorship Document

Group Development

Faculty/Staff Advisors:

Your Faculty/Staff Advisor can be a great resource! Don't let your club or organization under utilize or underestimate your advisor. This is a quick PowerPoint with some creative ways to get the most from your advisor.

Link to the Faculty/Staff Advising Document

Running an Effective Meeting:

General body meetings should allow your club members the opportunity to get to know one another, as well as get business addressed. This guide spells out some great strategies in order to best engage your general body meetings.

Link to the Effective Meeting Document

Officer Transitions:

If your executive board is transitioning, this is a must read! Here are a list of the top 10 best practices for a smooth and successful transition, as well as a questionnaire for both incoming and outgoing e-board members.

Link to the Officer Transitions Document

SB Life Topic - Roster Management 101:

Learn tips and tricks for how to properly manage your club or organization roster on SB Life! This presentation is a must-see for anyone actively involved on campus, especially executive board members.

Link to Managing Your Roster Document

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