Weekend Life Grant Application


The Weekend Life Grant has been developed to enhance the quality of Weekend Life at Stony Brook University.  Weekend Life includes any event held Friday through Sunday.  Funding may be granted to student run programs that provide scholastic, recreational, spiritual, intellectual, cultural, political and social opportunities for interaction through exceptional campus-wide weekend programming. Stony Brook continues to encourage and support weekend initiatives and challenges groups to expand their horizons by implementing new and innovative programs.  The Weekend Life Grant supports efforts that are new, creative, and foster a level of enthusiasm among the campus community. Program submissions should inspire school spirit, bridge multicultural relations, foster collaboration among students, faculty, and staff, and be open to all students (i.e. campus-wide events).


The following are the goals of the grant:
• Develop a sense of community and school spirit on the weekends
• Foster creativity, innovation and enthusiasm
• Heighten interest in multicultural relations
• Bridge communication and encourage networking through collaboration
• Support events that are scheduled on the weekends (Friday-Sunday)


The Division of Student Life provides grants to enhance weekend programming. The Weekend Life Grant offers assistance for student-run Weekend Life programs, but should not be considered the only source of funding for your program. Weekend Life Grant requests can be submitted at any time for events during the fall and spring semester while funds are still available. Applications must be submitted at least a month prior to the schedule events to be considered for funding.

There is no cap on the number of times one can apply for the grant. However, if approved the grant will only be awarded to a club/organization once per semester. Funding will only be provided to student clubs/organizations.

The Weekend Life Grant Committee meets bi-weekly.  Final selection of grant recipients will be made by the Weekend Life Grant Committee no sooner than (1) week after the application has been submitted. 

The following program criteria will be reviewed:
• Priority is given to submissions from non-funded student clubs/organizations
• Program reflects creativity and innovation
• Proposal and application are well thought out and organized


This grant is ABLE to fund:
• Publicity
• Food (Campus Dining/Select Off-Campus Food Vendors/Grocery Store purchases)
• Decorations
• USG Ticket Office
• USG Events Management Staff
• USG A/V Services
• Entertainment/Speaker Fees
• Buses on State Contract
• Tickets for Staller Events

This grant is NOT ABLE to fund:
• Scholarships
• Gifts and/or prizes
• Fund-raisers
• Tickets (Off-Campus)
• Buses not on State Contract
• Events that contain alcohol and/or other drugs


All student clubs/organizations are eligible to apply for the Weekend Life Grant. The application can be found under "Campus Links" or the "Forms" section of the Weekend Life Council SB Life page. For additional assistance in applying please review the "Weekend Life Grant 101" PDF tutorial, as well as the "Sample Weekend Life Grant Application" which can be found in the "Documents" section of the Weekend Life Council SB Life page. 

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