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Domestic Students:
Stony Brook University Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP)


Benefits and Highlights of the SHIP

SHIP has been developed especially for Stony Brook students (and their dependents) to provide access to comprehensive care that complements the quality health services on campus.

The details of the plan are reviewed and recommended each year by committee members to ensure that the coverage is well-suited to the needs of the Stony Brook students and respectful of their budgets. SHIP is administered by Aetna Student Health and underwritten by Aetna Life Insurance Company. The Plan meets all of the student health insurance standards developed by the American College Health Association.

SHIP is tailor-made for the college population.

Program Highlights:

  • Provides continuous coverage at a reasonable cost for most on or off-campus medical care over Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer Semesters.
  • Covers pre-existing medical conditions & preventative care.
  • Annual deductible $200 for an individual.
  • Annual out of pocket limit of $3,000 which includes deductibles, copays and coinsurance.
  • Covers inpatient and outpatient mental health care.
  • No deductible applied to prescription drug coverage.

Please note: Office visits for Primary Care and Specialists have a $35 copayment with 0% coinsurance with a referral and 30% coinsurance without a referral.

Emergency Room vs. Urgent Care: Only Emergency Services for the treatment of an Emergency Condition are covered in an ER.

Emergency Room: $100 copay after policy year deductible then you pay 20% coinsurance (copayment/coinsurance waived if hospital admission).

Urgent Care: $35 copay after policy year deductible then you pay 0% for cost-sharing.

Plan Comparison Resources:
2017 - 2018 Fall/Winter
Student $1,248 $1,735.50
Spouse/Domestic Partner $1,248 $1,735.50
One Dependent $1,248 $1,735.50
Two or More Dependents $2,496 $3,471
Coverage Periods
Coverage Period Coverage Start Date Coverage End Date Enrollment/Waiver Deadline
Fall 8/16/2017 1/15/2018 9/15/2017
Spring 1/16/2018 8/15/2018 2/15/2018

You must complete a waiver at the beginning of EACH academic year, by September 15th. If you are an incoming student beginning in the Spring semester, submit a waiver by February 15th. However, if you lose your alternative insurance coverage at any time, you should contact the Student Health Insurance Office immediately.

Student Health Insurance Waiver Instructions (.pdf)

Fitness Reimbursement for Aetna Student Health
You can be reimbursed for up to $200 just for visiting the gym. READ MORE
Coverage After Graduation

With graduation approaching, now is the time to start thinking about your health insurance coverage. As a young adult, you have choices: stay on your parent’s health plan, buy your own plan, or get coverage through a new job.

If you decide to get your own insurance, you’ll find lots of choices at NY State of Health. There are many plans at different coverage levels and all plans cover health services such as yearly check-ups, flu shots, emergency services and prescription drugs. You may be surprised how affordable getting coverage can be. Some plans will cost less than your monthly cell phone bill and for some people, depending on income, coverage will be free.

Even though Open Enrollment for 2017 has ended, you may still be able to enroll in coverage this year if you qualify for free coverage, or if you enroll within 60 days of a Qualifying Life Event. Qualifying Life Events include no longer being eligible to stay on your parent’s health insurance, loss of other health insurance, a permanent move to another part of New York State, getting married or having a child.



Have additional questions or are ready to enroll?

We have lots of trained experts who will guide you step by step in selecting and signing up for a plan that’s right for you. To find an assistor in your community, go to or call us at 1-855-355-5777, TTY: 1-800-662-1220.

Watch a short video Health Insurance – It’s What Adults Do at  

Download the Graduation Fact Sheet (.pdf)

Contact Us To Enroll:

FSA Services Office
157 East Side Dining
Phone: (631) 632-6517

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