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Frequently Asked Questions about the Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP)

How do I pay for SHIP?
The fee is billed to your student account in SOLAR. Just like all other tuition & fees, this charge is payable by cash, check, money order, credit card or through financial aid. Payments are made to the Bursar in the Administration Building or through SOLAR.
How do I use the insurance plan?
You should always seek treatment at the west campus Student Health Service (SHS) for an assessment and possible treatment of your medical problem. By coming to the Student Health Service first, your deductible will be significantly reduced for that medical problem.
What medical providers may I use?
You may use any medical practitioners you wish. However, medical providers who are part of Aetna Student Health preferred provider organization (PPO) will provide discounts for their medical services and your bill will be covered up to the limits of the insurance plan. Usually, you will not need to complete a claim form with these doctors. If you do not use Aetna Student Health providers, you may find that your provider has charged higher fees, and you may have a balance to pay after the insurance company pays its portion. For a listing of medical providers in the Aetna PPO network, go to and look under "Find a doctor, hospital or pharmacy”
When will I receive my insurance card?
Once you are enrolled, ID cards will be mailed to your local address in Solar by Aetna. If you need an emergency ID card you may print it out from the Aenta website: If you cannot print your card, please contact the Student Health Insurance Office.
Where do I get claim forms?
Claim forms are used if you see a medical provider that is not in the Aetna network. In addition, when you purchase medicines from an outside pharmacy you must always pay for the medicines in full, and then send a claim form with the paid receipt to Aetna Student Health for reimbursement.  Go online to under “Helpful resources and forms” for claim forms. Please note that there are two claim forms: one for medical services and one for prescription drugs. 
How frequently must I submit a waiver?
You must complete a waiver at the beginning of EACH academic year, by September 15th. If you are an incoming student beginning in the Spring semester, submit a waiver by February 15th. However, if you lose your alternative insurance coverage at any time, you should contact the Student Health Insurance Office immediately.
I received a waiver, but am losing my coverage. How do I enroll in SHIP?
Gaps in health insurance coverage are not permitted.  Please contact the Student Health Insurance Office at (631) 632-6054, by e-mail at or visit us at East Side Dining, Room 157.
I have SHIP for the Fall semester, but will have alternative coverage for the Spring semester. What do I do?
You must complete a waiver by February 15th if you wish to waive SHIP for the Spring/Summer. If you have specific questions, please contact the Student Health Insurance Office.
Can I cancel SHIP part of the way through a semester if I obtain alternative coverage?
No. You will remain covered by SHIP for the entire semester. However, you will be able to complete a waiver for the next coverage period by the posted deadline. If you have any questions, please contact the Student Health Insurance Office.
Can I enroll dependents on SHIP? What is the cost?
Yes, you may enroll a spouse and children. The rates for 2017-2018 are:
2017 - 2018 Fall/Winter
Student $1,248 $1,735.50
Spouse/Domestic Partner $1,248 $1,735.50
One Dependent $1,248 $1,735.50
Two or More Dependents $2,496 $3,471
If I have more questions, who do I contact?

If you have questions about benefits, coverage, claims or exclusions you may contact Aetna Student Health’s SBU Customer Service at (877) 373-0741 or visit

For questions about insurance charges on your student account or your waiver status, you may contact the Student Health Insurance Office located at East Side Dining, Room 157. E-mail: Phone: (631) 632-6054. Office hours are Monday–Friday 8:00 am to 4:30 pm.



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