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International Student Health Insurance

The State of New York requires all students who are not US citizens or permanent US residents to be enrolled in and billed for the International Student Health Insurance Plan. The University will bill you $526.35 for these fees for the FALL 2014 semester and $736.89 for SPRING/SUMMER 2015.


Waivers Are Approved Only If:

1. You are studying in your home country for an entire semester or academic year. You must provide a letter to us, informing us of your status, and the name of an academic department contact by the end of the second week of classes (Sept. 15, 2014). The deadline for Spring 2015 is February 15, 2015.  AFTER THE DEADLINE DATE WAIVERS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.

2. If you have alternate health insurance and would like to waive the Mandatory International health insurance fee (Medical Evacuation and Repatriation fee cannot be waived), please click SUNY/SBU/INTERNATIONALWAIVER for additional information and to start the waiver process. Your alternate health insurance coverage must be better or comparable to the SBU plan.  This waiver process is only for Inbound students in the USA.


Our mandatory plan covers the following:

  • $300,000 of coverage per medical condition
  • 100% of all necessary medical services
  • The plan pays for pre-existing conditions
  • The plan has co-pays only for prescription medicines

Why Required Health Insurance?

The cost of health care in the United States is very high. This special health insurance plan will pay most of your medical bills for sicknesses and accidents, so you will not be overwhelmed by large medical bills, and you can continue your studies at Stony Brook. You will be able to use doctors and medical facilities once you have seen a doctor at the west campus Student Health Services (Infirmary) -- See "MANDATORY HEALTH FEE".

Please note, this health insurance plan will not take care of dental or vision problems, immunizations (shots), or well care such as routine check ups. We recommend you have these problems addressed or corrected before you come to the United States. 

DEPENDENTS (F-2 or J-2 spouse and/or children) must also have this insurance. The Student Health Insurance Office can give you an enrollment form, but you must pay the additional cost for dependent coverage. This MUST be done either within 30 days of the arrival of your dependents in this country, OR within 30 days of the birth of a new baby, or your marriage, OR within 30 days of the beginning of an enrollment period. Insurance is effective upon receipt by the insurance company of your application and a bank check or money order.

Mandatory Infirmary Fee

The State of New York requires every student at Stony Brook to pay a mandatory (required) infirmary fee. This fee permits ONLY students to use the Infirmary on the West Campus, where most services are free. The Infirmary is not a hospital, and cannot take care of serious medical problems. The Infirmary fee cannot be used for medical services outside the Infirmary. That is the reason for the required health insurance plan described on the first page. Please remember, you MUST hand in your Health Form to the Infirmary before class registration; all your series of immunizations (shots) must be completed, and reported on the Health Form before registration.

More Insurance Information:

The insurance administrator for the International Student/Scholar insurance plan is HTH Worldwide, which uses the Aetna health insurance provider network.

For benefits information, please visit:

For coverage information, please visit:

For medical providers, go to and look for "Open Choice PPO."

If you need further insurance information, call the Student Health Insurance Office at 631-632-6054, Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:15 p.m. EST (New York time). If you wish to leave a message, please spell your name, and give your Stony Brook ID number, academic department, and telephone number. The Student Health Insurance Office is in the Infirmary on the West Campus (behind the Student Union Building).

Special Notes For F-1 International Graduate Students With Stipends:

F-1 students with graduate stipends (TAs, GAs, or RAs) must enroll in the GRADUATE STUDENT EMPLOYEE INSURANCE PLAN at the beginning of the semester.

If you qualify for the GRADUATE STUDENT EMPLOYEE INSURANCE PLAN, you must complete and submit a special enrollment form, available at the Human Resources Department. Call (631) 632-6180. You must still pay for "MEDICAL EVACUATION AND REPATRIATION" (MEDEX) insurance, which costs $37 for Fall 2014 and $51.83 for Spring/Summer 2015. MEDEX pays for sending a very sick student back to his or her home country.

If you have a dependent who is also a registered international student at Stony Brook, the dependent will be AUTOMATICALLY BILLED FOR AND ENROLLED IN the required International Student Health Insurance Plan.


For New International Students

How to Use the Insurance Plan and Claim Benefits

For International Visiting Scholars, and Optional Practical Training Participants

Contacts at the Office of Visa and Immigration Services



See for more information and/or to report an incident.