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International Student Health Insurance

The International Student Health Insurance is applicable to all International exchange, research and study programs.

HTH Worldwide is now GeoBlue. GeoBlue includes access to the Blue Cross Blue Shield network inside the United States (the largest network in the U.S.). For more information visit


Fall/Winter 2017
Spring/Summer 2018
$589.48 $825.28

This is billed to your student account in SOLAR.


The cost of health care in the United States is very high. This health insurance plan will pay towards your medical bills for sicknesses and accidents.

The coverage period for the Fall/Winter is August 15th through January 14th and for Spring/Summer is January 15th through August 14th.

How to Use the Insurance Plan and Claim Benefits

Coverage Highlights

Please note: ISHI does not cover dental or vision, immunizations (shots)*, or well care such as routine checkups. We recommend you have these issues addressed before you come to the United States.

*Immunizations (shots) required by the university are covered.


(F-2 or J-2 spouse and/or children) must also have health insurance. The Student Health Insurance Office can give you an enrollment form, but you must pay the additional cost for dependent coverage directly to GeoBlue. This MUST be done within 30 days of arrival of your dependents into the country, OR within 30 days of the birth of a new baby, or your marriage, OR within 30 days of the beginning of an enrollment period. Insurance is effective upon receipt by GeoBlue of your application and payment.

ISHI Dependent Brochure (.pdf)

Infirmary Fee
The State of New York requires every student at Stony Brook to pay a Health Services fee. This fee permits ONLY students to use the Student Health Services on the West Campus, where most services are free. The Student Health Services center is not a hospital, and cannot take care of severe medical problems. The Health Services fee cannot be used for medical services outside the Student Health Service. Please remember, you MUST hand in your Health Form to Student Health Services before class registration; all your series of immunizations (shots) must be completed, and reported on the Health Form before registration.
More Insurance Information

The insurance administrator for the International Student/Scholar health insurance plan is GeoBlue, which uses the Blue Cross Blue Shield health insurance provider network.

GeoBlue Student Member Guide (.pdf)

For benefits information, to print your ID card and to file an e-claim, please visit:

To find medical providers in the United States, or to search for Doctors and Hospitals in International Destinations, go to

F-1 International Graduate Students With Stipends (TA/GA/RA)

F-1 students that are Teaching Assistants (TA), Graduate Assistants (GA), or Research Assistants (RA) may enroll in NYSHIP or POMCO insurance at the beginning of the semester. If you qualify, you must enroll with the Human Resources Benefits department. Their office is 390 in the Administration Building and their phone number is (631) 632-6180. You must still pay for Medical Evacuation and Repatriation (MEDEX) insurance. This covers sending a very sick student back to their home country. Once you are enrolled with HR Benefits, they will process a waiver for the International Student Health Insurance charge to your student account in Solar by October 1st.

If you have a dependent that is also a registered international student at Stony Brook, the dependent will be billed and enrolled in the required International Student Health Insurance (ISHI) Plan.


Waivers are approved only if:

1. If you are a TA/GA/RA and enroll in your employer-sponsored health insurance. Once you are enrolled with HR Benefits, they will process a waiver for the International Student Health Insurance charge to your student account in Solar by October 1st.

2. You are studying in your home country for an entire semester or academic year. You must provide a letter to us, informing us of your status, and the name of an academic department contact by the end of the second week of classes (Sept. 15). The deadline for Spring is February 15. No waivers will be considered after the deadline.

Our office is located at 157 East Side Dining.
For questions please call (631) 632-6517.
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