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Required Student Health Insurance Plans

Health insurance not only protects you, but also protects others in your family, as well as in the community. Health insurance means that individuals can seek early treatment for illness. Health insurance means that individuals who are injured have access to medical care immediately. The SBU decision to go to required insurance is based on knowledge that those without insurance tend to stay sick longer, placing their family and our University community at risk as well. And, of course, those who are very sick and have huge medical bills that they cannot pay may need to withdraw from school.

For questions about health insurance, contact the Student Health Insurance Office in the west campus Student Health Center (map), by phone at (631) 632-6331 or via email.

Fall and Spring Semesters Hours
Monday through Friday, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm

Summer and Intersession Hours
Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 4:00 pm

Required Student Health Insurance (SHIP) for Full-time, Domestic Students
Stony Brook now offers a required health insurance plan for all full-time domestic students. This plan pays for most medically necessary bills, such as doctor visits, hospitalization, prescriptions, emergency room, lab testing, diagnostic testing, surgery, mental health counseling, etc. The plan covers our students anywhere in the world, every day, no matter whether on campus or on semester breaks.

SHIP brochure (pdf)

SBU Health Insurance Plan Facts

All full-time, domestic students at Stony Brook are automatically billed for the University Health Insurance plan at the beginning of each semester. Students who are not citizens of the US and are not permanent residents will be billed for the International Student Health Insurance Plan (see below).

**Students enrolled in the Schools of Medicine; Dental Medicine; Nursing, and in other allied health programs will be billed for an additional rider, which covers high costs of potential clinical incidents. For more information about this additional coverage, contact your School or Program Secretary.

Some part-time students may also be eligible for SHIP. Please call (631) 632-6331 for further information. Dependent spouses and children of insured students may be enrolled at higher costs. All enrollments must be received by the Insurance Office by the end of the add/drop period: September 15 for Fall or February 15 for Spring/Summer. Waivers for this insurance plan are approved only if the student already has alternate health insurance in place, and completes a waiver online via SOLAR by the due date. Waivers must be completed at the start of every academic year. Waivers are not accepted after the due date. All waivers are subject to an audit during the school year.

Your alternate insurance must cover you for the following medical services if you wish to waive the University insurance:

  • Inpatient hospitalization
  • Outpatient mental health visits
  • Prescription medicines
  • Self injury and suicide attempts
  • Pre-existing medical conditions

To file a waiver, you must go to the home page of your SOLAR account and look for insurance waivers under "Student Financial Services" on the menu bar. The semester charge for insurance will remain posted to your University account and must be paid, unless you complete the waiver request on time by providing the following:

1. Name of your Insurance Company
2. Health Insurance Policy #
3. Group #
4. Insurance Policy Primary Holder Name
5. Relationship to Student
6. Phone number of Insurance Company

If you cannot complete the waiver online, contact the Student Health Insurance Office in the west campus Student Health Center via e-mail: or call (631) 632-6331.

Student Health Insurance Waiver Denial Appeals Policy
The Stony Brook University Student Health Insurance Office makes the initial determination if a full-time student has alternative coverage sufficient to meet the University’s health insurance requirement and, therefore, to qualify for a waiver from the University sponsored health insurance plan. The determination is usually made on the basis of the information provided in the online waiver, but additional documentation may be requested of the student.

In the event that a waiver is not granted, regardless of the reason, and a student wishes to appeal the decision, they may do so by completing a Request for Appeal of Waiver Denial form and submitting it to the Student Health Service Medical Director. The student must supply both current mail and email addresses, and will be notified to those addresses of the decision by the Office of the Medical Director.

If the Medical Director denies an appeal based on medical factors, that decision will be final.

If the appeal is based on non-medical factors, the student may complete and submit a Request for Final Appeal of Waiver Denial form to the Student Health Insurance Appeals Committee through the FSA Customer Advocate. This Committee is appointed by the Vice President of Student Affairs and shall be composed of three members, at least two of whom are students. None of the members of this Committee shall have duties otherwise related to the Student Health Insurance Office. This final appeal must be received by the Office of the FSA Customer Advocate no later than ten (10) days from the date the decision notice of the Student Health Services Medical Director was received.

The Student Health Insurance Appeals Committee will make a determination and notify the student of its decision, with copies to the Offices of the Dean of Students and the FSA Executive Director. The decision of the Appeals Committee will be final in this matter.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Stony Brook University Student Health Insurance Plan

Nine Big Misconceptions about the Stony Brook University Student Health Insurance Plan

Required Health Insurance for all International Students
The State of New York requires all students who are not US citizens or US permanent residents to be enrolled in and billed for the International Student Health Insurance Plan. You are required to pay this bill. Read more...

Optional Health Insurance for Graduate Student Employees
A health plan for TA's, GA's, RA's and their dependents.

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