OSA Departments

osa_picThe 21 departments that constitute Student Affairs are committed to student success and institutional excellence through close attention to student learning and data-driven operational practices that are aligned with the University’s vision and mission.
The departments work to capture innovation at the point of practice in all areas ranging from facilities planning and maintenance to development of learning experiences outside the classroom, from development of employment and internship opportunities to provision of health and wellness services and facilities, and the promotion of community safety standards.
Over the past ten years, Student Affairs has grown to make use of best practices with major strides in the following areas: 1) Infrastructure, 2) Services, 3) Processes, and 4) Learning Outcomes –all of which build on a culture of assessment and continuous improvement to guide Divisional 
planning and resource allocation.

As advocates for our students, each of the departments within the Division of Student Affairs is responsible for supporting the co-curricular and developmental needs of the student body and for developing policies, programs and services consistent with the campus mission of providing a positive campus life experience for each student.

Additionally, members of the Student Affairs Division interact with a wide range of individuals and groups including SUNY system executives, legislators, business and community leaders, faculty, students and parents. Additionally, the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs serves as an advisor to the President, and the Division participates in the overall administration of the University with representation on the President's Cabinet.

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