Organization and Staff
Peter Baigent Dr. Peter Baigent
Vice President for Student Affairs
(631) 632-6700
Dallas Bauman Dr. Dallas Bauman
Assistant Vice President for Campus Residences
(631) 632-6974
Marisa Bisiani Dr. Marisa Bisiani
Assistant Vice President for Student Health, Counseling and Outreach Services
(631) 632-6720

Deans and Directors

Division of Student Health, Wellness, and Prevention Services
Jay Souza Jay Souza
Director, Campus Recreation
(631) 632-3276
 Rachel Bergeson

 Dr. Rachel Bergeson
Medical Director, Student Health Services
(631) 632-6740

Julian Peisser

Dr. Julian Pessier
Associate Dean and Director, University Counseling and Psychological Services
(631) 632-2748

Judy Esposito

Judy Esposito, LCSW
Interim Director, Disability Support Services
(631) 632-6748


Smita Majumdar Das, PsyD
Assistant Director
Center for Prevention and Outreach
(631) 632-2748

Dean of Students
Cheryl Chambers Cheryl Chambers
Associate Dean and Director,
Multicultural Affairs
(631) 632-9968
Howard Gunston Howard Gunston
Director, SAC / Union Facilities,
Operations & Reservations
(631) 632-6820
Ellen Driscoll Ellen Driscoll, LMSW
Interim Associate Dean of Students
(631) 632-7320
Jeff Barnett Jeffrey A. Barnett
Interim Associate Dean of Students
(631) 632-7320
Christopher Parks Dr. Christopher Parks
Director, Athletic Bands
(631) 632-7368
Jarvis Watson Dr. Jarvis M. Watson
Assistant Dean for Multicultural Affairs
(631) 632-9968
Campus Residences
Susan Fioto Susan Fioto
Director, Residential Financial Services
(631) 632-6750
Catherine-Mary Rivera Catherine-Mary Rivera
Director of Residential Programs
(631) 632-4692
Manny Cortes Manny Cortes
Director of Residential Risk Management
(631) 632-6750
Al deVries Al deVries 
Associate Director of Residential Programs and Administrative Services 
Director of Conference Housing 
(631) 632-6750
Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs
Ismael Rodriguez Ismael Rodriguez
Director, Veterans Affairs and VP Coordinator
(631) 632-6700
Adam Fertmann's profile photo Adam Fertmann
Director, University Community Standards
(631) 632-6705
Ahmed Belazi Ahmed Belazi
Director, Planning & Staff Development
(631) 632-6713
Marianna Savoca Marianna Savoca
Director, Career Center
(631) 632-9856
Jerrold Stein Dr. Jerrold L. Stein
Dean Emeritus/Senior Adviser to the Vice President for Student Affairs
(631) 632-6709