Press Release: Stony Brook University Awarded
2014 Military Friendly Schools ® Title from Victory Media Inc

Applying to Stony Brook University

Step 1a: Apply to Stony Brook

Stony Brook University has Veteran Friendly offices conveniently placed around the academic mall for Veterans to feel comfortable and at home when applying to Stony Brook.

Step 1b: Apply for your benefits

Find out which benefits best fit you and your education program of choice by going to the GI Bill website. When you have decided on a benefit, fill out the Veterans On-Line Application (VONAPP) and send it in either electronically or by mail.

Step 2: Come visit the Office of Veterans Affairs in the Administration Building!

Once you have received your letter of eligibility from the VA in Buffalo, bring your forms to the Office of Veterans Affairs. We are located on the third floor of the Administration Building near the Main Entrance of the campus in room 348. When you come to visit us, you will need to bring your letter of eligibility, a copy of your DD-214 (for First years and transfers only), a breakdown of your tuition and fees and a copy of your class schedule. Your tuition and fees and class schedule are posted in your Solar account, and you can print those out right in our office. Don't forget to fill out and bring your Stony Brook University VA Benefits Enrollment Application as well.

Financial Aid

Not all of the benefits offered will cover your whole tuition or housing. Find out exactly how much your benefit will cover and then check out the SUNY Stony Brook Financial Aid website and find out how you can get more of your tuition covered. And don't forget to look for scholarships - you don't have to pay those back after you graduate! Another important office to visit is the Student Accounts/Bursars office in the Administration Building. You can get parking permits and pay for tickets at Student Accounts, and the Bursars office is responsible for dispersing financial aid. Any holds on your account or any problems presented on solar can be solved by going to one of these two offices.

Free Tutoring Assistance

Finding a tutor is a great way to expand your knowledge and understanding of a tough subject, especially if it's one needed for your major. The residential halls at Stony Brook offer free tutoring for all students. You can go to their website to get a schedule of courses and find a session that would benefit you.


During your time at Stony Brook, it's always a good idea to get academic and pre-professional advising from the office of Academic Affairs. The advisors in the office are conscientious of veterans' needs and will help you get on the right track with classes that apply to your major, as well as helping you find the extracurricular DEC classes that you need in order to graduate.

Getting Involved

There are plenty of ways to get involved on campus, whether it's through joining a club, volunteering, or getting a job in one of the many departments.

Employment. There are many employment and Internship opportunities that you can find through the Career Center. By visiting the career center, you can set yourself up for mock interviews, jobs for after you graduate, and set up internships for the winter and/or summer sessions. Be sure to keep an eye out for any one of the job fairs that are offered during campus life time or in the Student Activities Center. You can also get a job on campus through the Faculty Student Association (FSA).

The Office of Veterans Affairs at Stony Brook has also been working with North Shore-LIJ to promote the hiring of new veterans. For more information about possible employment, please visit The point of contact for hiring veterans there is Bernadette Ann Fackovec, and her e-mail is

North Shore-LIJ: Our Commitment to Supporting Veterans"
Please take a look to get more information about employment at North Shore-LIJ!

Work Study. Stony Brook also offers Veteran Work Study for all Veteran Students.

Clubs and Organizations. There are many clubs on campus, ranging from Science Fiction to Math to a Stony Brook Ghost Hunters club. With so many interesting options, you're bound to find a club that meets your interests and connect with new people on top of it. Stony Brook also offers VESO, the Veteran Student Organization. This club was founded in 2002 and ran strong until recently. VESO is currently looking for a committed individual to reactivate the club. All persons interested may contact the Veterans Affairs office at (631) 632-6700.

Extra Curriculars. The Craft Center is located in the basement of the Student Union and offers a slew of night classes that Stony Brook students can take at a discount. These include painting classes, sculpting classes, and a bartending class, just to name a few.

Stay in shape. Find a gym partner and visit the Student Activities Wellness Center or take some classes in the Sports Complex. Classes are offered for free with your Student ID every semester. You can find the class schedule and the open rec hours and facilities on the Campus Recreation website.